Many people talk about green solutions, but few do anything about it. We are proud of the solutions we develop and deliver. Solutions that specifically help companies reduce their climate and environmental impact. Fortunately, it is not just us who think we make valuable products and services, so we are currently extremely busy and in need of new employees.

Our two main areas of work are model-based monitoring for large combustion units (PEMS) and high-temperature heat pumps for industry. In addition, we have for decades developed and delivered simulators for waste incineration plants as well as a large number of other innovative solutions.

We are globally oriented with tasks from Trinidad to the farthest corner of Indonesia and many places in between. As it is clear, we are a very technology-focused company with a strong foundation in the industry's issues and challenges. We have a strong team with strong professional competencies and a good mix of experienced and young developers all with a great will to create solutions that come out to work for the benefit of both customers and the climate.

Current Open Positions