Flue Fas Emission Monitoring of NOX, CO, UHC. CO2 etc. using PEMS (Predictive Emission Monitoring) for continuously emission measurement.

PEMS is an approved alternative method for measurement of flue gas emission compared to conventional gas analyzer CEMS based systems.

PEMS has the following advancetage compared to tradional CEMS systems:

  • Lower capex
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Higher up time
  • Possibility of back calculation after non expected down time
  • Improved plant balance knowledge and sensor errors correction due to build in datavalidation

Weel & Sandvig have delivered PEMS since 2005. WS-PEMS is based on first principle models which compared to data mining systems require less training  data and time required as well more robust out site the training data range.

WS-PEMS include a very robust data validation tool which secure that input online data will be corrected from measurement errors.

Main Costumers WS-PEMS:

Saudi Aramco 13 WS-PEMS (6 Fired heater, 3 gas turbines, 4 gas turbines)

Oxy (Oman) 14 WS-PEMS  (14 gas turbines)

GASCO (UAE) 3 WS-PEMS  (3 gas turbines)

HESS Denmark 2 WS-PEMS (2 gas turbines)

DONG 1 WS-PEMS (1 gas turbine)


For furher info download:first-principle-pems-adipec-paper

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