Weel & Sandvig is developing and testing new high speed high temperature heat pumps and pressure recovery units.  The Heat Pump is operating media is steam. Using a small turbo compressor we are able to create a temperature lift about 40 C. In drying applications with super heated steam dryer steam can be compressed from 1 bar to 4 bar.

The high speed heat pump is most suitable for drying plants (super heated steam drying) and as MVR in evaporation plant’s. The high speed compressor is very compact due to the high speed motor integration.

Design and Initial test of the high speed  Heat Pump turbo compressor has a capacity of about 700 kg/h with a suction pressure of 1 bara. Impeller speed is about 90000 RPM.

The COP value will be about 5 – 7 for a Super heated steam drying plant.

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