Weel & Sandvig offers the following consultant services:

  • Process integration analysis (Energy survey’s, Pinch analysis etc.)
  • Feasibility studies (heat pump integration, steam boilers and co-generation plants)
  • CFD (flow simulation)
  • Power plant optimazation
  • Power plant performance monitoring
  • Coarse/education: Operability Training Waste to energy  and thermal power plant  (In the coarse the  WS-WTE  dynamic simulator will be used  extensively  by all attends)

Weel & Sandvig use the following software tools as support :

WS-Pinch: in house pinch analysis software

WS-Hen-Explorer: In house heat exchanger network optimization

WS-WTE-design: In house design software for grate fired biomass or Waste to energy plants

WS-WTE: Inhouse software for dynamic simulation of power and WTE plants, including control system

Openfoam/Simflow: Commersiel CFD simulation tools for detailed flow investigation.

COCO: Flow sheeting software for general energy and mass  balance of systems including various unit operations as distillation and chemical reactors etc.

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